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Meet the Team


Jan Tothill (Chair)

Sarah Pateman (Secretary)

Paul Reynard (Treasurer)

Tom Ayres

Ros Boswell

Vanessa Gaidoni

Shannon St. Luce

Ros Woodin

Administrative Roles

  • Librarian – Sarah

  • Marketing – Vanessa / Ros W

  • Orchestra Managers – Ros B / Paul

  • Poster Design – Charley Gaidoni

  • Programme Production – Christian Turton

  • Refreshments – Ros W / Paul

  • Repertoire - Vanessa / Jan / Helen Lord

  • Ticketing – Shannon / Tom

  • Website – Tom

The committee meets a minimum of six times a year and an AGM of the orchestra is held every summer.

Any member of the orchestra may raise any issue with a member of the committee and ask for it to be placed on an agenda or brought to any other business for discussion at a committee meeting.

Ideas for repertoire for consideration are always welcome.

The committee acknowledges the contributions all members and friends make to the smooth running of the orchestra in many ways, such as helping with setting up and resetting, transport, selling tickets, welcoming, bowing music, offering lifts, stewarding, taking photographs and so on and extends its thanks and appreciation to all.

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